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Therapy Training Boston
203 Arlington Street
Watertown, MA 02472


203 Arlington Street is a two story brick building on a wide street with lots of parking on both sides. You will see a martial arts and gymnastics studios on the first floor of the building. Come up to the second floor and enter the door with #4 on it. There are keys on a side table that open doors to bathrooms in the hallway around the corner from our suite.

It's best to use a GPS as there are many ways to get to our location including the following routes:

  • 128 North to the Mass Pike via Newton Corner, Watertown Square to route 16 to Arlington Street.
  • 128 South to Trapelo Road East to Arlington Street
  • Route 16 (Mount Auburn Street) from Cambridge to Arlington Street
  • Memorial Drive or Storrow Drive to Greenough Boulevard to Grove Street to Arlington Street


There are buses from Newton Corner and Harvard Square that leave you a short walk from our office.

Clients and supervisees: When you enter Suite 4 on the second floor you will be in the waiting room.

Workshop, course and movie night participants: We use the waiting room for small learning events. Larger workshops and courses will be held off site as advertised.